Erwin Johnson
2300 North First Street
P O Box 107
Winterset, Iowa 5073
Home 111-112-153
Office 111-411-380, Ext. 41
Fax 11-719-111

Career Profile

Manufacturing Financial Manager with over twenty years experience leading the financial functions of manufacturing operations with up to 300 employees and $50 Million in sales. Recognized for ability to identify continuous change actions to reduce cost, enhance quality, and increase margins. Supervised up to 13 direct reports with responsibilities in financial reporting, planning, forecasting, information systems, accounts payable, payroll, fixed assets, and general ledger. Led several IS conversions bringing in new systems on or ahead of schedule and on or below budget. Enjoy driving new improvements.

Key strengths include:

Process Improvement
Financial and Operations Management
Management Philosophy

In today’s competitive world, the best way to ensure organizational success is to delight the customer. Today’s customers — and tomorrow’s — want responsiveness, low cost and high quality. If a company does not meet or exceed the customers needs, their competition will.

It’s no longer enough for employees to simply “embrace” change: continuous improvement must become a way of doing business, where people actively seek improvements and where systems and processes support and drive initiative. Trust is the key. The work environment must be such that people work without fear, within a culture that encourages pride in both personal and organizational accomplishments.

Examples of Accomplishments

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Process Improvement.

Facilitated team charged with the improvement of inventory record accuracy: team results included improved on-time delivery from 45% to 95%, eliminated annual inventory losses exceeding $200,000, reduced freight costs by 1%, and improved record accuracy by 83%.

Reduced new bill of material (BOM) cycle time from several weeks to one day and improved BOM accuracy to 100%.

Developed a financial modeling system to evaluate multiple “what-if” scenarios; system reduced forecast and budget preparation time by 80%, increased process accuracy, and improved staff’s awareness of actions needed to reach production and financial goals.

Implemented automated financial reporting process to download data, reducing annual overtime by $25,000 and enhancing accuracy and timeliness.

Developed and installed automated back flushing system to support JIT initiative.


Led several cross-functional TQC teams and coached team members, as appropriate, to develop skills and confidence in their ability to examine work processes, create solutions, and measure improvements.

Participated in management team process to develop vision and mission statements.

Recognized for ability to develop consensus for strategic planning among all stakeholders.

Communicated with managers and coordinated the financial reporting of fifteen locations to consolidate financial data.

Facilitated numerous learning programs on new reporting systems.

Decentralized accounts payable to facilitate transition from cost centers to profit centers, and trained employees in the new system.

Identified ABM as a key strategy to drive process improvements.

Financial and Operations Management.

Developed financial modeling system that reduced turnaround time from five days to one day.

Directed the movement of IS to Winterset plant with only one day of downtime.

Converted to new payroll and accounting systems that reduced and improved tax reporting and corporate consolidations.

Directed several IS conversions to increase accuracy and reduce time for financial recording and reporting.

Developed cost estimating process for quoting new business that was adapted by entire division.

Assisted in closing one office that reduced costs by over $500,000.

Installed LAN to enhance communication and information-sharing capacity.

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